About Coffee Reading

Learn details of the ritual of Turkish coffee reading, and what to expect from a typical session.

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About Roya

Roya passes down this centuries-old tradition, her intuitive abilities focused by a near tragedy.

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Arranging a Reading

Contact Roya by phone or form to arrange an in-person, phone, group or couple's reading.

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See Turkish Coffee Reading in Action

Beyond being illuminating and informative, Turkish coffee reading can also be simply beautiful!

First, I interpret the residual grounds in the cup and on the saucer. I look at the pattern of the grounds and see the symbols they suggest.

Next, I read the grounds at the inside bottom of the cup. I will read and interpret the impression.

This indicators combine to deliver what can be a profound experience. At the very least, you probably won't look at a cup of coffee the same way ever again..

 Jason S, Magazine Editor New York Testimonial